A must have accessories for your Nintendo Switch

Posted by HG G on

DOBE Electronics released all-in-one accessories for your Nintendo Switch. Uses to protect and enhance usage.


  • Trigger kits for buttons
  • Storage box serve as a bag for nintendo switch, cartridge and accessories
  • Stylus pen for proper navigation

  • Screen protector to protect Nintendo Switch screen from scratches 

  • Folding stand where you can dock your Nintendo switch, in case you wanted to use wireless controller or just to keep your console on proper location

  • Integrated protective case to protect the back part of your Nintendo Switch. With 2 card slots available 

 You do not need too many accessories. Dobe 6-in-1 is enough for daily usage.  As bundle, price gets cheaper (save more for another game) for only ₱630. If you want to get one, click the photo below

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