Xiaomi Gaming Mouse a great gaming mouse with RGB and a sensitivity of 7200 dpi

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A gaming mouse is also part of every right player's equipment. This, together with the player's firm hand, can defeat any opponent. Xiaomi Gaming Mouse is a high-quality, but affordable optical mouse for gamers, with the possibility of clocking up to 7200 dpi and 6 programmable buttons.


Xiaomi Gaming Mouse is equipped with a memory chip and professional gaming optical sensors. It has up to 5 levels clocking from 50 - 7200 dpi. Use the two buttons at the top of the mouse to change the dpi.


You can increase / decrease the dpi in real time as needed, which will help you achieve the desired victories. He 's not missing either 30 G acceleration and maximum tracking speed 150 IPS.


Xiaomi Gaming Mouse has up to 6 adjustable buttons. These can be individually adjusted to the player's needs using the software to create a suitable combination of buttons.


In addition, this great mouse also includes a button for quick focus located on the side of the mouse. If a player needs to aim more effectively at an opponent during the game, he presses a button and the dpi is automatically adjusted to a low value. This makes aiming at the opponent better and more accurate.


But it wouldn't be a proper gaming mouse without RGB backlight. Thanks to the special backlight adjustment function, it is possible to independently adjust the RGB backlight in the area of ​​the front and rear lights.


There are two ways to connect a mouse. The first is classic cable connection. This connection method is more stable, with a high mouse transfer rate. It is an ideal choice while playing games.


The second option is wireless 2,4 G connection. This mode is more suitable for office work and web browsing. Switching between connection methods is quick and easy.


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