DOBE Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

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-Typical Bluetooth Controller. Small size designed for single player games on Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite.

-3D joystick can switch three modes (mode 1: default left 3D joystick; mode 2: right 3D joystick; mode 3: left directional buttons) through key combination to meet different game requirements.

-Vibration motors are provided to enhance the experience in the game.

-There are four channel indicators used for the channel indication of the game console.

-The product is small in size, beautiful in appearance and excellent in hand feeling, which is a must for game players.



-Built-in 300mAh/3.7V high-energy polymer lithium battery

-Controller supports USB system upgrade

-Function buttons: A, B, X, Y, +, -, L, R, ZL, ZR, HOME, left 3D joystick and L3, of which the left 3D joystick can be changed to: right 3D joystick, R3 (press down) button and directional buttons

-Motor vibration and channel indicator

-Input voltage: 5VDC

-Model: TNS-19155S


What’s in the box

1 x DOBE Wireless Controller

1 x USB-to-Type-C Cable

1 x Manual


Warranty Period

1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition).

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