Xiaomi JMEY Portable Water Heater

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JMEY portable instant heating water dispenser
Small and portable. Healthy drinking water, fast heating, multiple modes to adjust temperature

New ways to drink healthy water
JMEY has designed a compact, lightweight, truly portable instant heating water dispenser. Safety, fashion, hygiene, health, reduce tedious steps, avoid bacterial growth, take up no space


Drink a glass of warm water anytime
Drink a glass of water with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius in the morning and before going to bed. The water temperature is moderate, the taste is good, and the body is comfortable. You can also choose 75 degrees or boiling water to make a cup of your favorite drink. Drink healthy water.


Drinking water safety
Traditional domestic water dispensers, the water tanks take up a lot of space. If they are used for a long time, the water tanks will breed bacteria. Traditional electric water heaters repeatedly heat water, which is unhealthy. JMEY's focus is on drinking water safety, improving drinking quality, and establishing better drink water habits.

Linerless heating, no waiting
JMEY innovatively uses linerless heating technology. The outer layer of the food-contact quartz glass tube is covered with a nano-heating film.
When water flows through the quartz tube, it is instantly heated to the set temperature, and the water and electricity are safely separated to achieve a rapid temperature rise. Make sure every drop of water you drink is fresh.


Small size and portable
JMEY portable instant heating water dispenser, the volume of the main unit is smaller than 500ml mineral water bottle, and the weight is only 580g. It can be easily put into various bags or even cosmetic bags. It can be easily carried anywhere, anytime.



Can be placed in a personal desk or conference room, without having to walk and wait, drink a glass of warm water at any time, especially suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. For white-collar workers who love coffee or tea, the temperature touch function makes brewing drinks easier and more convenient.


Travel outside
It is suitable for personal travel or traveling with relatives and friends.
When staying at the hotel, using this product can ensure that you and your family drink water safely. Just connect a bottle of bottled water and drink it at any time.
The temperature can be controlled to better meet the needs of babies and the elderly.


Suitable for families with babies
Meet your daily uninterrupted drinking water needs. Choose 45 ℃ water temperature, you can directly brew baby milk powder. Reduce the steps of boiling water, cooling, and testing the temperature before brewing infant formula. Meet your baby's need to drink milk or water immediately. Will not be cluttered. Similarly, it is also suitable for brew middle-aged and elderly milk powder. Warm water brewing can avoid nutrition loss.


Touch operation, three modes of temperature adjustment

Precise temperature control, precise water temperature Touch the control panel on the top of the water dispenser, there are normal temperature options and three water temperature options: 45℃, 75℃, boiling water, to meet the needs of different people for different drinking temperatures. Built-in precise temperature controller makes temperature adjustment more accurate. You can brew milk powder, make wolfberry, and make tea.


Detailed design
Food contact materials, hygienic and healthy, meet standards LED display, water temperature and status can be clearly seen. Smart child lock, an extra safety barrier
Concealed power cord, neat and portable for easy storage
The power cord is hidden at the bottom of the fuselage, and the power cord can be pulled out for use by opening the bottom cover. The power cord and plug can be stored in the bottom of the body for easy storage. Neat and convenient.


Safe and energy efficient
Food contact safety material selection, touch operation, silent work, safety lock design, open a green environment-friendly living mode.



-3 Seconds Instant Heat Technology. Adopted the linerless rapid heating technology, the outer layer of food-grade quartz glass tube is covered with a nano-heating film. When water flows through the quartz glass tube, it can be instantly heated to the set temperature.

-Touch Operation. Touch the control panel on the top of the machine, there are three temperature options 45 ° C / 75 ° C / 100 ° C.

-LED Side Hidden Design. Child lock, water temperature, cleaning, water shortage function.

-Smart Child Lock. Effectively prevent children from accidentally touching.


What’s in the box

1 x Xiaomi Water Heater

1 x Manual


Warranty Period

1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition)

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