Telesin Aquapod Floating Monopod for Action Cameras

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Telesin Aquapod Pole is a positively buoyant monopod that will not go missing beneath the waves of your aquatic action camera adventure as it floats on water.



-You can use this product as a Floating Hand Grip or as a Telescopic Pole. 2-Stage allows you to adjust the pole length anywhere between 14" and 24 ",compact and easy use when needed for long reach shoot

-Transparent design: Its bright color will make it easy to spot and the design of transparent hollow buoyancy makes it seemingly disappear in photos,ideal for capturing any angle and stable angle when you are snorkeling, swimming or scuba and do other water sports activities, and your camera can be easily found when it floats in the water

-High density non-slip foam handle for extra comfort and tight grip. Won't get sticky from sun exposure like rubber grip

-Adjustable wrist strap provides greater security for your camera,come with removable Wi-Fi Remote Holder and Standard 1/4" thread hole used to attach on tripod

-Compatible Models: GoPro Hero, SJCAM, YI and other action cameras


What’s in the box

1 x Telesin Aquapod Floating Monopod Pole

1 x Remote holder

1 x Strap

1 x 1/4'' screw


Warranty Period

1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition)

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