Telesin Waterproof Case for YI 4K, YI 4K+, YI Lite, YI Discovery Cameras

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-The shell body is made of imported high transmittance acrylic (PMMA) material, through professional design and manufacturing, in the case of weight control but also to ensure the quality of products, capable of withstanding extreme pressure underwater 30 meters without distortion. And high temperature (80 °) and low temperature (minus 30 °). Whether it is the daily dust, drop or professional diving camera can easily deal with.
-High-quality glass lens as a waterproof shell, add the AF, AR double-layer optical coating, the lens translucent better, easier to clean and eliminate the risk of the lens being scratched. Whether shooting fish chasing underwater camera as usual or use protective shell can be highly reduced natural light and color.
-Waterproof case protect your YI 4K / YI 4K / YI Lite / YI Discovery camera from water
-Diving 30m waterproof case
-Material: Acrylic
-Dimension: 8 x 8 x 4 cm
-Weight: 90g

Warranty Period
1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition).

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