Xiaomi Anti-UV Automatic Umbrella

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This Xiaomi Umbrella is made out of a Taiwanese carom cloth, which offers good shade and high durability which makes it easy to shake off all the water droplets from the Umbrella. Additionally, the Xiaomi Umbrella has an additional Teflon coating, which along with superior water resistance, offers protection from harmful UV rays. With wind-resistant toughness structure design enduring strong winds.

-Customized Taiwan FONEWR water repellent umbrella cloth with the features of ultra-lightweight. Umbrella cloth waterproof performance of 5, after heavy rain, gently shake off the water or the surface, more comprehensive waterproof and anti-infiltration
-UVtex FABRICS coating with high color fastness, high strength and other characteristics, has the features of great light shading, excellent shielding and heat insulation, which can effectively block the harmful ultraviolet rays and do achieve UV protection
-The umbrella stands are made of aluminum and fiberglass material with the advantages of high quality, not easily break and rust. High-quality steel that is not easy to bend.
-Security lock device to prevent the emergence of a rebound in the process of closing the umbrella.
-Innovative umbrella beads are hidden in the umbrella cloth not only improve the safety of the umbrella, but also make the umbrella more elegant
-Wind resistant structure design. Strengthen all the details by 5182 aluminum alloy and glass fiber, making the whole rib part to have better toughness
-The umbrella undergoes 1000 times the opening and closing test. Good implementation of the standard ensures that the process and quality of each umbrella.

Warranty Period
1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition)

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