Xiaomi 4-Port USB 3.0 Type-C Extension Hub

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-4 ports USB 3.0 high transmission. The actual reading and writing speed of USB 3.0 can reach 350MB/s, and it is compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1 specifications downward

-Backup power interface, easy to read 1TB and above mobile hard disk. The daily power supply is provided through the laptop interface. When there is a need to read 1TB or more large-capacity data, the external power supply can be connected. The backup power supply adopts USB-C interface, supports forward and backward plug, and can be repeatedly plugged and pulled up to 10000 times, with strong versatility

-Compact body, easy to carry. The size is small, the appearance is concise, can be easily put into the clothes pocket, the backpack sandwich, easy to carry, save space

-Curved corner design. The shell is made of PC material. It is durable and rejects the shape of the hard and square. The curved corner design makes the hand feel round and comfortable, which reduces the wear and tear of other equipment during use and carrying.

-Universal interface for easy connection to multiple devices

-Support hot swap, plug and play, no driver required



-Interface: 4 x USB3.0, 1 x Stand-by power supply interface

-Material: PC

-Cable Length: 0.24m

-Transmission speed: 350MB/s


Warranty Period

1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition).

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