Xiaomi Viomi 1.5L Thermos Thermal Flask

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The large capacity vacuum flask portable kettle is made of stainless steel tank and food grade silicone stopper, safe materials guarantee your health. Super insulation makes it suitable for all seasons, thermal insulation for winter, cold insulation for summer. A good travel mug and gift for people of all ages. 

-1.5L large capacity;
-Super strong insulation, 12 hours hot/ cold insulation (under 20 ° C ± 5 ° C environment, fill with 99 ° C ± 1 ° C water, the water temperature is ≥ 75 ° C after 6 hours and ≥ 65 ° C after 12 hours).
-Perfect size keeps hydrated outdoors and fits in your bag easily when hiking, camping, etc.
-Leak-proof, vacuum insulation tank.
-The part that touches the liquid is selected from food grade PP material + 316 stainless steel.
-Spray process on body part, non-slip, wear resistant, leaving no fingerprints.
-360-degree rotatable lid can prevent water from leaking.
-Detachable middle bolt, easy to clean.
-Penguin mouth, one-hand operation, gently press the button to easily pour water, effectively avoid water vapor burning hand.

Warranty Period
1 Week factory defect replacement (should be in pristine condition)

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